STK SAlt Lake City






Develop VR, Services for these spaces for high-quality renderings and to establish the best design solutions for the area.

stk salt lake city

About the Project

The goal of this project was to show the owners of STK Salt Lake City what their restaurant would look like before the build.

We really wanted to highlight how lighting plays an integral role, and give the owners a true feel of how the space will feel once complete. 

Special Design Features

What makes this space unique is all the details. There is so much movement and different shapes and lines in the building design that were accentuated by different lighting techniques. We really wanted to show these dramatic lines and textures with pops of the brand colors so you truly have a unique one-of-a-kind experience.

The client loved everything about this project, the exterior large red bull with the huge STK lights. They also loved looking at the interior from the outside. The lighting and bar chandelier. With these designs, every view is visible from the second you drive by from the street to walking into the establishment, to walking through the entire restaurant. 

Interior and Exterior VR and renderings truly bring the vision and every design detail to life. 

Why Spacialists was Chosen

SPACIALITS is known for effective communication, complete transparency at every step in the process, and meeting client deadlines. Our goal is always to provide exceptional designs and exceptional service at every stage in your project. 
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