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Arch Viz for Real Estate, Interior Design and Construction

3D architectural visualization (arch viz) has revolutionized the real estate, interior design, and construction markets. It has made the design and selling process much faster and more efficient. Technological advancements have also made creative visualization a whole industry in itself. Discover the impact of on demand choices and decision making with architectural visualization. 

Arch Viz Makes a Difference

For ages, architects have used lighting, color, composition, and framing techniques, as they drew artistic imagery by hand to breathe life into their designs. These renderings were meant to be a believable representation of unfinished work. Following the influx of 3D drawing and animation technologies, however, architectural visualization has become an expertise and an important strategy in real estate marketing.

Architects, real estate firms, and developers have seen immense growth in sales, as well as an upturn in winning proposals, on account of having enlisted 3D rendering services. In part, a tasteful rendering or virtual representation of a design promotes robust sales because it has the power to convey a certain mood and to create an emotional connection with the viewer.

How to Use 3D Builder

3D Builder is a user-friendly architectural rendering software demonstration for architects, real estate professionals, and developers. The platform lets you integrate interactivity into your 3D models and floor plans by allowing the viewer to see what the space might look like with different finish selections. The application lets viewers and potential occupants explore various color combinations, finishes, and materials to get a deeper insight into their specific preferences. Our 3D Builder also comes in handy when you’re presenting your design to multiple clients with varying tastes. At SPACIALISTS, we find new and more exciting ways to help architects and developers articulate their vision. But, we do more than just develop these types of applications. We collaborate with architects, visual artists, interior designers, developers, and real estate professionals to create powerful architectural visualizations and custom apps. Via this demo, you can explore 3D Builder, our very own 3D architectural rendering application, and contact us to get this tech for your finish selections.

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