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Post Production in 3D Rendering vs. Virtual Reality

SPACIALISTS pays special attention to post production on all of our imagery and video. Post production gives visuals that extra pop, correct lighting balance, and ensure your vision is accurately represented.

Use of post production elements must be considered carefully. Elements that are added to a 3D rendering process after the scene is “rendered”, will not be 3D and therefor are not as versatile when developing multiple angles. This could include adding real life textures, color grading, and special elements that enhance visualizations. If the final view changes perspective and you’ve added post production elements to your scene, all of that work will need to be recreated for each frame or viewpoint..

As we’ve developed virtual reality as our primary technology, our flexibility in post production has benefited greatly. We’re now able to alter scenes and snap perspectives (renderings) at any angle. VR enables timely and cost effective changes to imagery and videos.